Sunday, August 18, 2013

That Sunday, That Summer

If I had to choose just one day
To last my whole life through
It would surely be that Sunday
The day that I met you

Newborn whippoorwills were calling from the hills
Summer was a-coming in but fast
Lots of daffodils were showing off their skills
Nodding all together, I can almost hear them whisper

Go on kiss her, go on and kiss her

If I had to choose one moment
To live within my heart
It would be that tender moment
Recalling how we started
Darling, it would be when you smiled at me
That way, that Sunday, that summer

Go on kiss her, go on and kiss her

And if I had to choose just one moment
To live within my heart
It would surely be that moment
Recalling how we started
Darling it would be when you smiled at me
That way, that Sunday, that summer
(If I had to choose just one day)

Serendipity - Back in April of this year,  I was lamenting in one of my blog posts that I was never able to find the music for one of my favorite Nat "King" Cole songs:  That Sunday, That Summer.  As with all of the songs on Nat's Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Day of Summer album, the song reminds me so much of my parents.

I love That Sunday, That Summer more than the others on the album because the composition by Joe Sherman and George David Weiss is just so beautiful and memorable.

Well, what turns up out of the blue back in April, but a post from a new friend named Jan in the Netherlands who ran across my blog and sent me the sheet music to That Sunday, That Summer!  Thank you Jan.  Maybe that was a message from beyond that I needed to do a recording and post about this song.
I have a few good versions of this song by other singers and piano players besides Nat.  The one that I've always listened to the most is by Cheryl Conley,  because she has a pianist named Bobby Pierce on the record who just kills it.  Bobby plays one of the all around best ballad piano solos that I've ever heard.  

Recently, though, I downloaded a bossa version done by singer Zena James.  This is really nice -  weaving in some excellent sax and piano solos - and it inspired me to try my arrangement as a bossa. 

I also felt that I needed to play both guitar and piano in order to make this work.   I can't have any virtual musicians do the melody for me, and I really wanted the first melody to be on guitar, so it was up to me.

I hope this feels like summer to you.   I sure felt summer playing it.....

Nat "King" Cole

Zena James

Cheryl Conley

Geek Alert

For the guitar,  I'm using my D'Angelico New Yorker recorded through a Scarlettt 2i/4 to the PC.  I am recording using Realband and Amplitube with the  "Soft Jazz Echo"  amp settings.

The way this is arranged is that the first verse is guitar melody.  The second verse is piano melody/improv. The  third verse is trading between the guitar and piano,  but not on even numbers of bars.  It trades more on where it sounds like it flows better with the song.   Finally, it vamps out into a fade.


  1. Ken,

    The bossa nova feel is fantastic! Your guitar sounds fabulous-better than any previous use of it on your blog recordings. Piano sounds perfectly balanced in the accompaniment role. Then when it moves in to the front for your solo, it's just right. Your vastly improved ability to play lyrically, tastefully and expressively is really demonstrated in this performance. The guitar/piano exchange also works wonderfully. It's hard to believe that it's you with multi-track and not two players.

    Congratulations on an extremely excellent job!!!
    Keep up the great work.

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