Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Beautiful Love

Sometimes good songs come to you by serendipity rather by design.  My most recent project is going rather poorly, mostly due to engineering difficulties.  I can't figure out how to make the recordings of guitar and piano work well together in the way that I hear them in my head.

In frustration I decided to open the Real Book to a random page and just play whatever I found there.  Good players do that all the time I suppose, but that is something that I've never really done.  What I came up with was a Bill Evans tune that I never heard before called Beautiful Love.  

I thought that I heard most everything that Bill Evans had done, but I never heard this one.  He did not actually write it.  It was composed in 1931 by Victor Young, Wayne King, E. Van Alstyne with lyrics by Haven Gillespie.  Bill recorded it on his Explorations album.  This is a really fun song to play and a great one to listen to Bill play.  I can't believe that I missed it all of this time!

There are precious few other covers of Beautiful Love.   I'm not sure what accounts for that.

Explorations was the second album Evans recorded with his trio of Scott LaFaro on bass and Paul Motian on drums. Evans considered it one of his favorites from this period. Keepnews in the liner notes talks about the two extra pieces released on CD, "Beautiful Love (take 1)" and "The Boy Next Door"; the first version of "Beautiful Love" to be included in the original LP was a second take, in fact as Keepnews specifies, "it is not the usual case of a second attempt that immediately followed the first. Early in this date, he played this number once; we both approved, and he moved on to something else. Much later, he decided to try a second "Beautiful Love", which he later preferred." "The Boy Next Door" was instead set aside, at the time, because of the limited space of LP support.

Geek Alert
There are some interesting chord voicings with octaves in the melody as suggested by my teacher Ed.
I added a Dm6 vamp in the turnaround and ending

Additional instrumentation courtesy of PG Music

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  1. Comment from Ed Mascari that he couldn't get posted...


    Your ability to "lead" your trio and quartet sessions continues to improve. Your linear improv continues to improve, becoming more lyrical. Your backup of the sax solo subtle and rhythmic.
    Well done!
    The fade out on this cut is also a nice touch.

    Your continued progress and development is quite impressive.

    Keep going!