Monday, November 29, 2010

Greensleeves (What Child Is This)

12/20/2011 Update:

Since it is Christmas time,  I seem to get a number of hits on this posting, as people look on the internet for how to play jazz renditions of Greensleeves/What Child Is This.  I originally recorded this with using accompaniment provided by band-in-a-box that only could have real players on the drums.  The only options were MIDI for everything else.  So I used a midi bass, recorded myself on guitar for a few accent points, and had no other instruments other than piano.  I also let the song go on for too long :-).  So using a more modern version of band-in-a box with all real players, a slightly different bossa feel, and cutting out a verse, here is a Remix of What Child Is This.    

Original Post

It's Christmas time!  I don't know about anyone else, but my favorite part of Christmas is the free part.   I've come to terms with the "presents" thing and the crass consumerism of the holiday.  But being with family, and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas is really where its at.   (Celia, I think I need the "it's" and "its" lesson.  I will use them at random to cover all of the bases :-)).  And the music....mmmm.  I know a lot of people hate Christmas music because you start hearing it before Thankgiving is over.  Some of my favorite jazz tunes to play are Christmas songs, though.  Many of the best ones are wicked hard too, as we say in Boston.

I'm hoping to post a couple of Christmas songs.  First up is a 4/4 latin bossa version of  What Child Is This.  My band and I pushed this out with one take, so that we could move on to get another blog post out before Christmas, so please forgive the mistakes.  I'm playing acoustic guitar on this also and I'm trying to assess if it creates too much conflict with the piano or not.  (Music note: the guitar voicings for the 5 chords on a bossa often have a #5 substitute, like an A7#5 in this song.  I'm not doing that on the piano, so I'm not sure if it is clashing or sounds good.)

Update:  I did get input that the guitar was too clashy.  I remixed this to make the guitar more tasteful.  Hopefully the new version sounds better

My favorite version of this song has to be by guitar play Larry Carleton on his Christmas At My House CD.

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