Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All Blues

One of the things that a jazz piano player must be able do is play a walking bass line.  This is elementary 101 stuff.  The only problem is... I CAN'T DO IT.   Its not that I don't know the right notes to play - Ed has written these out for me on several occasions for a variety of songs.  I just don't seem to be able to get the hang of it.   I'm hoping that this is not one of those limitations of picking up piano at this age.

Rather than give up altogether, I'm trying out a new tactic.  All Blues has a very identifiable bass line.  I'm trying to nail this baseline initially and then continue returning to it throughout the song.  Maybe this is a step towards being able to do that walking bass.

It is interesting that there are virtually no solo piano versions of All Blues.  I guess it is such a famous group number that it isn't thought of for solo playing.  I only found one solo version on all of itunes.  The one version is by someone named Larry McDonough.  I've stolen some ideas from him.

Another thing that I'm trying in here is to put in a "quote".  A quote is a little snippet of another song that is inserted for effect.  I'm reasonably sure that this is the only place that you will here a Burt Bacharach song quoted in a Miles Davis tune :-)

I've run out of time on this one for now, but I'll come back to it at some point..         

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