Saturday, August 28, 2010

Summertime - no bass

Well,  my little experiment with playing all of the parts on Flamingo told me that I should try for a more up-tempo attempt.  So I decided that I would try Summertime, which is one of my favorite tunes.  This time I would play guitar for the lead and comping (2 parts), then piano for the middle solo, with drums throughout.  I attempted a bass part on a non-bass guitar that was sooo bad that I had to completely throw it out. 

What we've got here is 2 guitar parts, one piano and one drum that were so hard to synchronize that I've given up on attempts of this sort for a while.  Oh, yes - and you'll hear my son Cliff singing and making noise in the background.  Cliff is my frequent accompanist  :-)  I love to hear it though, because that's what gives the songs the sound of home. 

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