Friday, August 27, 2010


Its Christmas 2009 and Santa brought me what I was hoping for.  It was this little Zoom H3 recorder.  I had heard about from my piano teacher Ed.  I already had plans for this thing and some actual time over the Christmas holiday to figure it out.  The first things that I wanted to do is see if I could record multiple parts and making sound like an actual band.

I've got the piano, some nice jazz guitars, and my teenage son Max has a set of drums. When I was a teenager I was a percusionist and snare drum player in a drum and bugle corp.  I never had a drum set, and I haven't touched drums in decades.  But I went right out and bought some brushes at the Guitar Center, and convinced myself that this would be no problem. 

This version of Flamingo was done right after Christmas with literally with one take on piano, then one take on guitar, and then lastly one take on drums.  No click track.  I hadn't figured that one out yet.  Completely backwards.  But fun.  Oh yes, I had to download the Audacity freeware to do the mixing of tracks from the little Zoom.  It took a while to figure out, but for free- pretty good stuff.

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