Saturday, August 28, 2010

Blue in Green

Ah Miles Davis, what can you say.  Has anyone ever read his autobiography?  Amazing.  If you can put up with a million printings of the "F" word and the "MF" word, then it is a memorable read.  I doubt he would have liked me much :-)

Blue in Green to me is THE song that epitomizes what you would want to be listening to in a leather chair with a snifter of Irish whiskey.   By the way, I have two nice leather chairs in the room where we have the piano - so if you want to hear me play this tune while you are drinking some Bushmill's.....

This one has the head played at the slow tempo twice, then a slightly uptempo first solo verse, three (or is it 4) much more uptempo verses, and back to the head.  I have one stolen Bill Evans lick (who is the major influence for this tune).  Ten points to anyone who knows what it is. 

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